We proudly present you a innovate security monitoring solution for both home and office applications.

The idea of this system is to provide secure and efficient video monitoring solution with a minimal cost thanks to using PC computers and mobile devices that you are using in your everyday life

System that you can build by yourself is not relieved professional solutions offered by specialist firms

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Our solution is 100% secure thanks to highest encryption technologies that are widely used in institutions like banks, government agencies etc. Few people know this, but such solutions like OpenVPN is possible to setup freely on you own PC computer.


Impossible ?


Check our site and see for yourself

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Easy use

This site will provide you step-by-step instructions how to setup your own CCTV security monitoring solution.

You'll discover how you can inexpensively create a solution for which specialized companies demand huge money - often inaccessible to the average citizen.

Solution presented here is even better - we'll show you how to access your cams from your mobile device - from anywhere you want

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